Best Practices When Trying To Move During The COVID Outburst

The start of 2021 was the pointer for a new beginning leaving behind the woes of 2020. Whether it’s moving to a new house, office or warehouse – 2021 was supposed to be the year of fresh starts. However, the pandemic has some other ideas. Due to the second outburst of COVID 19, many individuals find themselves with fixed move-in dates that they can’t reschedule. As this is the case, Great Rate Movers – the best Alexandria moving company have compiled a list of best practices when trying to relocate during the COVID outburst.

Follow CDC protocols:

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has given the US populace different protocols on how to operate throughout the pandemic. These same protocols must be executed in your relocation. These include maintaining a 6ft distance from everybody involved during the course of moving. Only leaving your house for necessities and washing your hands at regular intervals. You can visit the official website of CDC to view the full list of recommended guidelines.

Prepare yourself with the proper protection:

Make sure you’re prepared for the relocation by safeguarding yourself. Put on a mask while you’re in contact with other individuals and work with your moving crew to prepare the area to assure access to soap, hand sanitiser, and extra masks and gloves. Make sure all your packing stuff have been pre-sealed & don’t use recycled boxes.

Sanitize everything properly:

As you’re starting with your move make sure you & your moving crew are washing hands in regular intervals for twenty seconds or more at a time. Steer clear of touching your face, particularly your nose, eyes and mouth.

Disinfect your items as you’re packing them into boxes. When the relocation is finished, and you’re in your new space ensure you clean all surfaces properly before starting to unpack your items.

Prioritize health over everything else:

If you’re experiencing COVID symptoms or have been in contact with a person who’s experiencing symptoms instantly isolate yourself and get in touch with your health care provider. Also, communicate this with your Alexandria moving company to avoid the risk of transmission.

Here at Great Rate Movers, we are taking the COVID pandemic very seriously, hence following all the protocols and guidelines stated by CDC. We are following federal & local guidelines around social distancing and sanitization. We’re frequently sanitizing trucks and equipment to ensure they are properly disinfected and free from any virus. Our movers in Alexandria VA also put on masks, sanitize hands, and follow all other guidelines to ensure our customers enjoy a stress-free move, especially during this pandemic time.