How to Avoid a Scam Moving Company & a Bad Moving Experience

It is no wonder that moving is a hectic experience irrespective of whether you are relocating locally or long distance. Packing and shipping all your possessions takes not just an emotional toll but also a financial & physical toll.

Stories regarding moving scamps are all over the internet. Some are unlicensed firms that make their bread and butter from cheating people. The majority are simply inexpert, dishonest, or a mixture of both. All results in added stress on the day of the relocation.

To help homeowners, here we have listed some tips on how to avoid a scam Alexandria moving company and a bad moving experience altogether.

Lack of basic info:

Research is a must before booking any moving firm! A simple search on Google will satisfy most of this research. A reliable moving company should be included in the Google Business listing. Not having a professional-looking website and a physical address is also a big red flag that the moving service you had selected is unreliable.

Knowledge is power:

Asking these below-listed questions will provide you a good idea of the reliability of the chosen movers in Alexandria VA:

  • How does pricing work for both local and long-distance moves?
  • What services are given as part of the relocation? What services come standard & which upshot in an extra fee.
  • How is a particular specialty did stuff pack & protected?
  • What insurance/valuation is given? What’s the claim process, in the event items are lost or damaged?
  • Is storage accessible as a part of the service? Is it a third-party storage location or owned by the same moving firm?

Companies that are not dependable or are inexpert simply won’t be able to answer these queries.

Doubtful Estimates:

The old saying, “If it feels too good to be true, it perhaps is,” sounds especially true when it comes to pro-moving firms. If you have acquired multiple quotes and one is much lower than the other it should raise doubts. It does not mean the firm is striving to cheat you necessarily, but extra charges on move day could be acquired resulting in a much higher cost than you were anticipating.

This is why a reputable Alexandria moving company shouldn’t hesitate to send a consultant to assess the move in person to provide you the most precise estimation.

Hopefully, these above-mentioned tips will help you recognize red flags and pick the right moving company in Alexandria VA. If you are ready to get an estimate or request a quote, feel free to give Great Rate Movers a call.