Knows the Do’s & Don’ts before Getting a Moving Estimate

Are you planning for a move sooner than later? Well, before you have the moving company in Rockville MD come out to offer you an in-home estimate, ensure to review these do’s & don’ts to assure you’re ready.

Do start early:

It is never too early to get in touch with a moving company. Once you decide to relocate, start making phone calls. Even if you’re uncertain of precisely where or when you’re relocating, you can still avail yourself estimates from your local moving firms. Choose a few moving firms you’re keen on working with and set up an in-home survey.

Don’t have a friend take your place at the estimate:

Sometimes this is inevitable, which is comprehensible. But the ideal thing to do is to take an afternoon off of work & devote that time to have two or three movers come out. Personally meeting with & hearing from the people who’ll be handling everything you own is an excellent way to provide yourself extra peace of mind.

Do decide what you want to take with you:

Prior to the estimate, you must have a very compact idea of what stuffs you’re taking. If you’re still deciding on a few kinds of stuff, it is always wise to include them on the initial estimate. Remember, estimates & inventories can always be swotted in the event you change your mind.

Do ask for an in-home estimate:

If a moving company in Rockville MD denies conducting a free in-home estimate, start asking queries. Having an in-home estimate isn’t just the most precise way to estimate your moving fees, but estimators are also able to account for additional factors like tractor-trailer access, the distance of your driveway, and special moving tools that may be required.

Don’t pack everything prior to the estimate:

If you’ve everything packed prior to the estimate that works as well! But you don’t need to box up everything before the estimator arrives. Estimators simply need a look at the unpacked stuff in your cupboards and closets to estimate the boxes required. Even better, most moving companies will give you their inventory with a breakdown of how many boxes & the kind of boxes you will require to get everything packed.

Do choose Great Rate Movers:

With more than 15 years in the moving industry, we only have our dedicated clients to thank! Our movers take great pride in their work & are always aware that they are not just moving items, they are moving lives. If you really want to work with the best moving company in Rockville MD, hire us. You will be glad you did!