Things What You Should Leave Behind During Your Next Move

Relocation involves a lot of decision-making. You choose what gets packed & how to pack it. But you also choose what stays behind. A professional moving company in Alexandria VA will base its prices on the weight of the shipment & miles traversed for long-distance relocations. Henceforth, every extra pound you pack, adds to the moving cost unnecessarily. Not sure what to leave behind? Let us guide you through. Read More

Items That Must Be Stored In a Climate Controlled Storage Facility during a Move

So many things can happen to your belongings while it is sitting ideal in storage. Extreme temperatures, moisture build-up, and pests are the most prevalent worries, and rightly so. Then how can you ensure your possessions are in the exact state when you pick them up as they were when you dropped them off? Climate control storage may be the answer! Here is what the best moving company in Mclean VA has to tell about climate-controlled storage. Read More