The Dos & Don’ts for Smooth & Worry-Free Office Move Experience

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Facility managers and administrators play a vital part in an office move. They’re the people who make sure smooth & worry-free office relocation. Office move needs proper planning, contracting vendors, hiring the right moving company in Alexandria VA, and several other activities.

Here we will talk about the things that facility managers and administrators should do & the things they must avoid in order to enjoy a successful relocation.


Prepare a comprehensive asset list:

An office can have innumerable assets, files, equipment, documents, furniture, etc. It’s impossible for the facility manager or administrators to quantify about all the available assets. They must include all departments, stakeholders, business units and ask them to deposit a comprehensive list of assets & their conditions a minimum of one month before the relocation. This will help in determining which assets should be relocated, what should be thrown away and can save unwanted possessions being shifted to the new workplace.

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Plan beforehand:

Relocating an office isn’t simple and can be quite a time taking. It needs meticulous planning to carry out a successful office move. It’s advised that you start planning your relocation well in advance. Pen down all the things that require to be done & divide the tasks! This will let you stay organized all through the relocation process. Also, advance planning assures you don’t face unwanted issues during the move.

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Don’t take unwanted risks:

Sometimes facility managers tend to take unwanted risks to save costs such as relocating without insurance, relocating servers without sufficient packing or relocating populated server racks etc. An office move is a complicated procedure and odds of encountering unexpected challenges are rather high. Taking unwanted risks will prompt additional issues to an already complicated work. Also, it may the upshot in data loss, employee downtime, output loss, client loss and other monetary loss. Therefore, it’s highly advocated that facility managers and administrators must not take unwanted risks during the office move process.

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Don’t try to relocate everything in one shot:

There’re innumerable things in an office and relocating everything in one shot isn’t feasible. Facility managers and administrators must plan the relocation & conduct in phases. Trying to relocate everything in one attempt will make chaos.

Don’t try to move the office alone:

The office move is a demanding task and can’t be undertaken by a solitary person. As it is a complicated task, appointing professional Alexandria Moving Company is highly recommended. Great Rate Movers is a specialist in office moving and have handled hundreds of commercial moves throughout its professional career. Call us on (844) 442 5026 to make your office move smooth & stress-free.