Things What You Should Leave Behind During Your Next Move

Relocation involves a lot of decision-making. You choose what gets packed & how to pack it. But you also choose what stays behind. A professional moving company in Alexandria VA will base its prices on the weight of the shipment & miles traversed for long-distance relocations. Henceforth, every extra pound you pack, adds to the moving cost unnecessarily. Not sure what to leave behind? Let us guide you through.

Unused toys & furniture:

As children grow they lose interest in past playsets. If there’re toys or play furniture in your house that your child no longer uses, you better donate them to another family who has a child who loves playing with toys. By selling or donating your unused toys, you lighten your load for relocation and most importantly give other kids the chance to play with the toys that your kids are done with.

Unworn clothes:

Empty your closet and pack only the clothes that you wear regularly or seasonally. Anything that you don’t wear any longer should be left behind. It’s amazing to see how much load you can reduce simply by removing the unused part of each wardrobe in the family. You can sell or donate these unused clothes and put less strain on your moving schedule.

Old appliances:

If you own appliances such as a washer-dryer or extra freezer, decide if it’s worth carrying with you. You can sell it to the landlord or home buyer and buy a new one for yourself at your new house. This will likely prevent an old appliance from breaking down during the bumpy road ahead.

Wobbly or heavy furniture:

Some furniture is precious and you must take them to your new address. But not all furniture comes in this category. Don’t ask your Alexandria Moving Company to relocate any furniture that you don’t care about & could easily be replaced in your new home.

Tattered mattress:

The mattress is another good candidate that you can leave behind during your next move. Mattresses must be replaced about every 7 years, depending on their quality. Most of us don’t replace our mattresses timely, and a move is an excellent excuse to do so. If you have a lump-filled worn-out mattress, don’t relocate them to your new home. Instead, treat yourself with a new layered mattress and enjoy all the comfort it brings.

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