What to Expect From A Full-Service Rockville MD Moving Company

Don’t want to do the heavy lifting during your next move? You are in luck! Professional and full-service Rockville MD moving company like Great Rate Movers can take care of all the works concerned with your next relocation so that you can relax, sit back and watch your belongings move to your new home without having to lift a finger. Though hiring a moving company is certainly not the cheapest option, the incredible convenience offered by professional movers is pretty much always worth it. Here we have covered what to expect from a full-service moving company in Rockville MD.

Providing all packing materials & supplies:

When working with a moving company like Great Rate Movers you don’t have to make multiple trips to the hardware store for packing tape, boxes, paper, bubble wrap and other moving-related materials. Being a full-service moving firm we provide everything that your move needs, including shipping supplies such as furniture blankets & additional cushioning.

Packing your possessions:

Packing is one of the most difficult parts of relocating, but luckily full-service movers can get your possessions safely packed in a fraction of the time it might take you to do it yourself.

Furniture disassembly:

Pro moving firms ensure all your large or heavy furniture makes it to your final destination without any damage. Part of this includes partial or full disassembly of furniture as needed.

Truck loading & unloading:

Leave the heavy lifting to the professional. Once the packing up of your home is done, full-service movers will load everything safely on to the moving truck. They will unload the truck as well when you arrive at your new home.

Transporting your possessions:

Whether you are relocating across the street or across the country, full-service movers will drive your possessions there for you.


Full-service moving company don’t just pack your home, but they can help with unpacking as well. While you concentrate on the tasks associated with settling in the new place, your professional movers will ensure that everything goes where it is supposed to.

Disposal of packing materials:

A relocation can leave you with plenty of cardboard boxes that require to be recycled, alongside other materials that need to be disposed of properly. Your full-service moving firm ensures everything gets disposed of in the right way and will completely take care of the clutter you are left with after all your possessions are unboxed at your new home.

So, call Great Rate Movers now if you are looking for a full-service Rockville MD Moving Company. We would love to be your helping hand during your next move.